Who We Serve

Sizanani Outreach Programme (SOP) is made up of one doctor, two professional nurses, eight social workers, 14 caregivers, five patient advocates, three social auxiliary workers, four peer educators, five drivers, and administrative support staff who work together to provide services to those in need. Each day, our outreach teams travel the often rough, unfinished or non-existent roads of Nkandla to provide services to our clients. From the beginning, our services have followed a holistic model, which means that our focus is on the entire family and not just those members who are sick.

Clients we serve are often identified formally through referrals from local agencies and service providers, while others may be identified by those living in the surrounding community.

Once prospective clients have been identified, Sizanani staff conduct an initial home visit, which includes a comprehensive assessment of the entire family. This process. which we call HELPEN, is holistically designed to address six different areas of need: Health related issues, Education & Employment, Legal issues, Psychosocial issues, Environment & safety, and Nutrition issues.

The focus of follow-up sessions depends on the assessment in each particular case, as well as the degree to which the identified needs may be met according to the objectives of the organisation.

A dirt road in Nkandla

The topography of Nkandla is mountainous and many of our clients live in deep valleys and forests replete with ravines and dongas. The main road into and through Nkandla Town is one of the few tarred roads. Most roads are dirt, gravel or grass, winding up and down through the mountainous terrain. Those living in these remote areas must walk very long distances, or make use of fragmented and costly public transport schemes, to access most services.





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