SOP children engaging in psychosocial activities

  Providing Support

Hope emerges when those living in especially difficult circumstances experience the care of nurturing parents, grandparents, other family members, neighbours, teachers, and others who collectively provide various levels of support. It is within a community such as this where children thrive, and where those who experience illness or significant loss are able to find their inner strength, grow their faith, and in turn, become more resilient. The guiding principle of Sizanani stresses the importance of walking beside those in need of care, understanding that hope is nurtured over time through an affirming and supportive presence. The Sizanani structure supports this ideal through multiple helping strategies that seek to develop hope while promoting resilience.

SOP children holding hands during a brief introduction

  Memory Box

Sizanani’s Memory Box project offers support to clients who are affected by HIV/AIDS. Workshop participants engage in multiple sessions over several days. The aim is to create a safe environment where participants may share painful or difficult experiences. Here, it is okay to ask questions, to grieve the loss of a loved one, to confront fears, and to address the many challenges associated with living with HIV. While we have promoted Memory Box work for years, we struggled to develop a strong and consistent programme for our clients. In 2013, Missio and Codex Treuhandstiftung Liechtenstein made it possible for us to step up our efforts. With their support, we established a long-term, collaborative partnership with Sinomlando, whose founder, Philippe Denis, adapted the Memory Box programme for South Africa.

SOP children in canoes during camp


Sizanani hosts numerous positive activities for children and teens throughout the year including psychosocial support activities including the annual Heritage Day Celebration, World AIDS Day Event, an annual Christmas party, Saturday activities, wellness day camps and an annual week-long camp during school holidays, and more.






The total number of clients who participated in one of Sizanani’s support groups. Specifically, 90 children are part of the Disclosure Support Group, 23 women participate in the IACT Support Group, and 19 children benefit from the Trauma Support Group.

The total number of therapeutic support counselling sessions that SOP Social Workers provided to our clients in 2015/16.

The number of children and primary caregivers who participated in our Memory Box programme in 2015/16.

The number of people who participated in the 2015 World AIDS Day Fun Run.