A caregiver meets with a client to assess current needs.


Sizanani Outreach Programme follows a holistic model in our service delivery. We call this HELPEN, which includes addressing the Health, Education & Employment, Legal, Psychosocial, Environment, and Nutritional needs of our clients and their families. When a client is identified, Sizanani staff meet with them to conduct a comprehensive assessment of their needs, and the needs of every person who lives with them. Next, their acute needs are attended to, in an effort to stabilize the situation that brought them to us. Then, a case management plan is developed with the hope of helping them reach a state of wellness that is sustainable.

nokubonga with a client


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Children served by SOP


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SOP kids go to school


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Cooking on an open fire


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Nkoszana with a client reviewing legal documents


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Sizanani sponsorship food parcel


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