Sizanani Outreach Programme Truck on the Road to Mandaba

Welcome to Sizanani Outreach Programme

Sizanani Outreach Programme (SOP) is the Nardini Sisters’ humanitarian and medical response to poverty, illness and unemployment in the Nkandla District, which is located in the KwaZulu Natal province of the Republic of South Africa. Read More…

Right: Sizanani Outreach Programme10 Year Celebration

Sizanani’s Holistic Health Model – HELPEN

Sizanani Outreach Programme follows a holistic model that we call HELPEN to address the needs of our clients and their families.
Health, Education & Employment, Legal, Psychosocial, Environment, and Nutritional


SOP works to ensure that they have access to the health services they need… Read More


SOP offers a variety of services that support the social emotional needs of our clients…Read More


SOP works with our families to ensure that all of our children attend school…Read More


SOP helps families create and maintain safe and healthy environments…Read More


SOP supports clients who need help acquiring legal documents or accessing legal services …Read More


SOP provides nutrition for some of the most vulnerable people in our community…Read More





The total population of Nkandla

The total number of children in Nkandla between the ages of 0 and 14 (40.3%)

The total number of children in Nkandla who are under the age of 5 years (14%)

The total number of households in Nkandla